About me

Hi, my name's Joe and I made this website. It's hard to summarise myself in a few words, but musician, geek, maverick, scholar, vegetarian, renaissance man, lovable rogue, messiah and tracheotomy pioneer are all words that have been used to describe either me or other people.

Geeky stuff

For the last few years I've been mostly making a living developing websites in Django, a web development framework written in python. I've also done various other kinds of coding including PHP, C/C++ and Javascript. Although I've spent far too much time doing bread-and-butter business type websites, I'm interested in more esoteric areas such as computational geometry and digital signal processing. I would like to spend more time on interesting problem solving and development and less time implementing old and boring things. I am somewhat proficient in the field of graphic design, image manipulation, publishing etc, although I can't draw for toffee. I run Ubuntu Gnu/Linux on my main PC and Debian Gnu/Linux on my servers. My GitHub account is here.

Other stuff

Things that interest me include anthropology, linguistics, "intellectual property", social impacts of technology, low-impact living, the Voynich manuscript, brains, Zionism/Antizionism, and the pursuit of ways of stemming the human race's seemingly inexorable descent into social and ecological dystopia.

I play guitar in Anna Mudeka's band.

I'm currently working in London and vaguely maintaining a home in Norwich, UK.