Mar 16th 2008


Last gig with Anna Mudeka

I played another farewell gig with Anna last night at Cambridge Junction. I think that's at least my third farewell gig with The Anna Mudeka Band, and I'm sure there were a few with BabaSimba (a band I used to be in with Anna) too. Since I seem to be imminently moving to Bristol this one might actually have been my last though.

For some reason the band forgave me for completely missing the soundcheck and showing up two minutes before we were due on stage, which I'm immensely surprised and grateful about. The gig was great, and most of the audience was lured out of the seating which had been misguidedly allotted to it. With each final gig I've been progressively forgetting that I'm supposed to be in a World Music type band and playing more and more like Tom Morello.

So, now I need a new musical project to keep me occupied. Anyone up for starting a band called sABBAth to cover ABBA songs in the style of Black Sabbath?


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