I acquired some of these through local collection bargains, plus a few of them were abandoned in my old flat. I probably need to acknowledge that I have a problem and work towards getting rid of some. I don’t think any of them are worth much, though.

Manufacturer Focal length Zoom? F-stop Front thread Mount
Meike 12mm N F2.8 72mm M43
Meike 25mm N F1.8 49mm M43
Meike 35mm N F1.7 49mm M43
Panasonic 12-60mm Y F3.5-5.6 58mm M43
Zuiko 50mm N F1.8   OM
Tokina 100-300mm Y F5.6 55mm OM
Miranda 28mm N F2.8 49mm M42
Meyer-Optik 50mm N F1.8 49mm M42
Prinzflex 135mm N F2.8 58mm M42
Pentax 50mm N F1.7   PK
Carl Zeiss Jena / Prakticar 50mm N F1.4   Praktica B
Canon 24mm N F2.8 52mm EF-S
Canon 50mm N F1.8 (no manual aperture ring) 52mm EF
Tamron 70-300mm Y F4-4.5 62mm EF
Sun 28mm N F2.5 55mm FD
Canon 50mm N F1.8 52mm FD
Kiron 28-85mm Y F2.8-3.8 67mm FD
Vivitar 28-200mm Y F3.5-5.3 72mm FD
Super Ozeck 80-205mm Y F??? 52mm FD
Tamron 80-210mm Y F3.8-4 58mm FD